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Food Intolerance Testing

Adverse reactions to foods are becoming increasingly prevalent, and recent studies suggests that 45% of the population may suffer from one or more food intolerances. Intolerances to specific foods have been linked to food specific IgG antibodies through scientific studies, and food intolerance is associated with a wide range of symptoms as well as many chronic conditions.

Unlike food allergy which is a rapid and often severe and sometimes life-threatening immune response to consumption of a specific food, a food intolerance will develop over time and symptoms will appear as the immune system struggles to deal with the immune complexes which result and accumulate in the body.

Although not life-threatening, food intolerance can have a significant effect on a sufferer’s quality of life, and it is often difficult to diagnose as symptoms can appear unrelated and the sufferer does not always associate their symptoms with the food they are eating.

Once problem foods are identified, following an elimination diet based on test results will often result in significant improvement in symptoms.

The Food Intolerance Test is a blood test that uses state of the art technology which allows 220 foods to be rapidly analysed. There is no fasting required prior to the test. The test is suitable from 2 years of age.

After 48 hours the complete report will be ready and you will be given the following

  • Patient Pack containing a detailed report that identifies food positive reaction
  • Patient Support Guide which will inform you how to make changes to your diet by avoiding these foods, substituting with suitable nutritious alternatives and how to re-introduce them safely into your diet to avoid further intolerance developing
  • Consultation with Dr. Ahlam Ali - General Practitioner to discuss a Dietary Plan based on your results

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